Review Policy

There are three reviewers connected to this site. Nick Morgan reads Young Adult, Marisa Greene reads Young Adult and New Adult, and Atsiko Ureni reads speculative fiction(Science Fiction, Fantasy, some horror, slipstream, interstitial, new fabulism). “Young Adult” includes all genres of Young Adult; Marisa will read Paranormal Romance, Romance, Fantasy, and Contemporary. Nick reads speculative YA fiction, literary YA and contemp. We do not, under any circumstances, review outside the genres listed, so please do not ask.

We accept only solicited review copies, and will not read unsolicited review copies or self-published works. This is not likely to change any time in the future. It’s just not for us. We do not promise to review every submission, especially as we also review previously published books that we happen to read on our own. If you have not heard back from us in two weeks, please assume the answer is no. However, we do try to read and respond to every request.

We prefer to receive electronic copies in epub format. Thus they will be given preference over hard copies. We do use NetGalley for some portion of our review copies. You may send queries to our site email: notesfromthedark [at] yahoo [dot] com, or individually to any of us, if you think it might help your case. However, we prefer to receive queries at the site address, and they will be given preference.

All reviews are of books we bought ourselves unless otherwise specified as NetGalleys or solicited review copies.




A quick note on starred reviews: we don’t give stars. We like our numerical system. But, for conversion’s sake:

90 – 100 / 100 ~= 5 Stars   I loved it!
75 – 90 / 100 ~= 4 Stars  It was very good.
65 – 75 / 100 ~= 3 Stars  I don’t regret reading it.
45 – 65 / 100 ~= 2 Stars  It was not terrible, but maybe not my thing.
45 and lower ~= 1 Star  Eww.


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